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What is the main cause of resource distribution between species?


Option: 1

To reduce the intensity of competition


Option: 2

To increase the number of available resources

Option: 3

To reduce predation pressure


Option: 4

To increase the size of the population

Answers (1)


Correct option (d)

Reduced competition between species is the main justification for resource partitioning. Resource partitioning is the process by which several species split up the available resources in an environment, thereby minimizing competition. This makes it possible for several species, even those with comparable biological niches, to coexist in the same habitat.

One species may outcompete another and cause a drop in its population when two or more species compete for the same resources. The weaker species may eventually go extinct as a result of this. Species may evolve to consume various portions of the same resource, use the resource at different times, or specialize in distinct resource kinds in order to avoid this happening.

Each species can lessen competition and avoid direct conflict with other species by sharing the available resources. As a result, each species may have access to more resources, creating a more diverse environment. So, a key factor for fostering species diversity in an ecosystem is resource partitioning.

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