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What is the main determinant of a plant's ability to resist pathogens?

Option: 1

The environment in which it is grown

Option: 2

The size of the plant

Option: 3

The genetic constitution of the plant


Option: 4

The type of pathogen attacking the plant

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The ability of a plant to resist pathogens is a complex trait that is determined by its genetic constitution or genotype. Different plant varieties possess different sets of genes that confer varying levels of resistance to pathogens. In conventional breeding, plant breeders identify and select plants that possess desirable traits, including disease resistance. This is done by screening germplasm, which is a collection of genetic material from plants. Once resistant germplasm is identified, it is used as a parent in hybridization with other selected parents that possess desirable traits. The offspring are then evaluated for their resistance to the pathogen. Therefore, the genetic constitution of a plant plays a critical role in determining its ability to resist pathogens.  Hence, option 3 is the correct answer.

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