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What is the main driving force behind evolution?


Option: 1

Genetic mutations.

Option: 2

Environmental factors.

Option: 3

Random chance.


Option: 4

Human intervention.

Answers (1)


The main driving force behind evolution is genetic mutations. Genetic mutations are random changes in an organism's DNA that can create new genetic variations, which can potentially give rise to new traits. These new traits may provide an advantage or disadvantage in a particular environment, and over time, the accumulation of beneficial mutations can result in the evolution of new species. Environmental factors such as climate, food availability, and competition also play a role in shaping the direction of evolution, as organisms that are better adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce. However, genetic mutations are the primary source of genetic variation, which is essential for evolution to occur. Random chance and human intervention can also impact evolution, but they are not the main driving force.

Option 1 is the correct answer. 


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Ritika Kankaria

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