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What is the role of genetic variation in the modern concept of evolution?

Option: 1

Genetic variation has no role in the modern concept of evolution

Option: 2

Genetic variation is the sole driving force of evolution

Option: 3

Genetic variation provides the raw material for natural selection to act upon

Option: 4

Genetic variation is irrelevant to evolution

Answers (1)


Genetic variety is crucial to the contemporary theory of evolution because it offers the diversity on which natural selection operates. During sexual reproduction, mutations, gene exchange, and recombination create genetic variety. Without genetic diversity, natural selection would have nothing to work with and evolution would not be conceivable.

Natural selection influences genetic diversity within a population, favoring characteristics that increase one's chances of surviving or reproducing in a specific environment. These favorable features may spread more quickly among a population over time, which could result in evolution.

Since natural selection uses genetic variation as its primary tool to shape and alter populations over time, genetic variation is a crucial part of the modern theory of evolution. Hence, option 3 is the correct answer. 

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Ritika Kankaria

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