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What is the term used to describe a predator that preys on other predators?



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Cannibalism is the act of one member of a species consuming all or part of another member of the same species. Cannibalism occurs when a predator consumes other members of its own species in the context of predator-prey relationships.

This behavior has been documented in certain creatures, including spiders, praying mantises, and some fish species, where larger individuals may prey on smaller individuals of the same species. Cannibalism can arise from a variety of causes, including resource competition, territorial disputes, and a lack of nutrients.

While scavengers and parasites consume other organisms, they do not always prey on other predators. A scavenger consumes dead animals, whereas a parasite lives within or on a host organism and consumes its tissues. A mutualist relationship is a symbiotic partnership in which both species benefit from the interaction.


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