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What kind of age pyramid would you anticipate in a population with a low birth rate and a low death rate?

Option: 1

Expansive pyramid


Option: 2

Stationary pyramid

Option: 3

Constrictive pyramid


Option: 4

Inverted pyramid

Answers (1)


Correct option (c)

We would anticipate a constrictive pyramid in a population with a low birth rate and a low death rate. A constrictive pyramid has fewer children and more seniors, with a narrower base and a bigger apex. 

This is due to the fact that fewer young individuals make up the population when the birth rate is low, but more elderly people are living longer when the mortality rate is low. As a result, fewer people in their younger years are needed to support more people in their older years.

The opposite of this is an expansive pyramid, which has a narrow top due to a lower life expectancy and a wide base due to a high birth and death rate in the population. A stationary pyramid shows a steady population with comparable birth and death rates because there is a roughly equal distribution of people in each age group. 

An inverted pyramid shows a higher proportion of elderly people than younger people in the population since its top is bigger and its base is narrower. People who are living longer and have fewer children tend to live in groups with this type of pyramid since these populations have exceptionally low death rates and birth rates.

Option c is the correct answer

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