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What occurs when two species contend with one another for the same scarce resource in the same niche, according to Gause's competitive exclusion principle?


Option: 1

One species will eventually outcompete and eliminate the other species


Option: 2

The two species will divide the resource and coexist in the same niche

Option: 3

The competition will lead to the evolution of new species


Option: 4

The two species will form a mutualistic relationship

Answers (1)


Correct option (a)

According to Gause's competitive exclusion theory, one species will eventually out-compete and eradicate the other species when two species compete for the same limiting resource in the same niche.

This is because both species are under pressure from competing for the same resource, and the more successful species will have an advantage in obtaining the resource, resulting in the development of its population. 

The number of less successful species will fall as a result of a reduction in resources. The less successful species might eventually become extinct in the region or evolve to fill a different niche where it can thrive more successfully.

Option a is the correct answer.

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