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What type of unit cell is described by having a constituent particle at the body-centre besides the ones at corners?

Option: 1

Primitive unit cell

Option: 2

Face-centred unit cell

Option: 3

End-centred unit cell

Option: 4

Body-centred unit cell

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A unit cell that contains one constituent particle at its body-centre besides the ones that are at its corners is called a body-centred unit cell. In other words, it is a centred unit cell that has an additional constituent particle at the centre of the unit cell. This type of unit cell is commonly found in metals such as iron, chromium, and tungsten.

The body-centred unit cell has a characteristic coordination number of 8, with each atom being surrounded by eight nearest neighbors. It is important to note that a primitive unit cell does not contain any constituent particle at positions other than corners and hence, cannot be described as a body-centred unit cell.


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