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 What was Gregor Mendel's main contribution to science?

Option: 1

He discovered the structure of DNA

Option: 2

 He discovered the laws of heredity

Option: 3

 He discovered the process of mitosis


Option: 4

 He discovered the theory of natural selection

Answers (1)


Gregor Mendel's main contribution to science was the discovery of the laws of heredity. Through his experiments with pea plants, Mendel was able to establish the basic principles of inheritance and develop a mathematical framework for predicting the probability of certain traits appearing in offspring. His work laid the foundation for the field of genetics and provided a framework for understanding how traits are passed down from one generation to the next. While Mendel's work predated the discovery of DNA and the development of modern molecular genetics, his principles of inheritance remain an important foundation for genetic research today.

Option 2 is the correct answer.

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