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Which of the following does not apply to clay soil characteristics?

Option: 1

High water-holding capacity


Option: 2

Poor aeration

Option: 3

Good nutrient retention


Option: 4

Low soil fertility

Answers (1)


Correct Option (a)

A soil type known as clay soil contains a significant amount of clay particles. The following selections detail many traits of clay soil:

Clay soil has a high capacity for storing water because of its small clay particles' huge surface area and their ability to do so.

For correct Option A

High water-holding capacity is a characteristic of clay soil, not the one that is NOT a characteristic of clay soil, hence that is the right response.

For Incorrect Option B

Due to its tiny particle size and propensity to get compacted, clay soil can have poor aeration, which can restrict the circulation of air and water through the soil.

For Incorrect Option C

Good nutrient retention: Clay soil can hold onto and exchange positively charged nutrients like calcium, potassium, and magnesium because it has a high cation exchange capacity.

For Incorrect Option D

Low soil fertility: Clay soils are not always characterized by this. Clay soils can be extremely fertile if they are rich in organic matter and have a balanced pH, even if certain clay soils may have low fertility due to causes including nutrient depletion or high acidity.


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