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Which of the following elements of the carbon family has the highest heat of vaporization?

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Carbon has the highest heat of vaporization among the elements of the carbon family. This is because carbon has a simple molecular structure with strong covalent bonding, which requires a significant amount of energy to break during vaporization.

Carbon has a small atomic radius and can form strong covalent bonds with other carbon atoms to create long chains, rings, and other complex structures. These covalent bonds are very strong and require a large amount of energy to break.

When carbon is heated, the energy is absorbed by the covalent bonds between the carbon atoms. As the temperature rises, the thermal energy causes the bonds to vibrate faster and faster. Eventually, the energy becomes great enough to break the bonds and turn the solid carbon into a gas. This process requires a lot of energy, which is why carbon has a high heat of vaporization.

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