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Which of the following factors affect the electrophoretic mobility of colloidal particles?

Option: 1

pH of the medium

Option: 2

Temperature of the medium

Option: 3

Charge of the particle


Option: 4

All of the above

Answers (1)


Correct option (4) All of the above

The electrophoretic mobility of colloidal particles is influenced by several factors. The pH of the medium can affect the charge of the particle and thus its migration towards the electrode. At a certain pH, the particle may have no net charge and will not migrate. Therefore, statement 1 is true. The temperature of the medium can also affect the electrophoretic mobility by changing the viscosity of the medium. A higher viscosity will slow down the migration of the particle. Thus, statement 2 is also true. The charge of the particle is the most significant factor that affects electrophoretic mobility. Therefore, statement 3 is true. 


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Anam Khan

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