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Which of the following is a potential consequence of a decrease in species diversity in an ecosystem?

Option: 1

Increased productivity and efficiency of nutrient cycling

Option: 2

Reduced risk of ecosystem instability and collapse

Option: 3

Increased susceptibility to invasive species and disease


Option: 4

Enhanced ability of dominant species to control resources and exclude competitors

Answers (1)


A decrease in species diversity in an ecosystem can lead to increased vulnerability to invasive species and diseases. With fewer species present, there are fewer natural defenses against invasions and diseases, allowing them to thrive and potentially outcompete native species. The lack of diverse species also reduces the ecosystem's resilience and ability to adapt to changes, potentially leading to ecological imbalance and population declines. Overall, a decrease in species diversity can have negative consequences for the ecosystem's stability, productivity, and overall health. Hence, the correct answer is option 3.

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