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Which of the following is an example of a trade-off in life history?


Option: 1

A bird lays many small eggs to increase the likelihood that at least one will survive


Option: 2

A tree produces many small seeds that can be dispersed widely by the wind

Option: 3

A mammal invests heavily in the growth and development of a single offspring


Option: 4

A fish migrates from freshwater to saltwater to take advantage of different feeding opportunities

Answers (1)


Correct option (c)

For correct Option C

When an organism must divide its scarce resources among several life histories qualities, such as growth, reproduction, and survival, this is known as a life history trade-off. 

An illustration of a life history trade-off is when a mammal devotes significant resources to the growth and development of a single offspring at the expense of the parent's own survival or future reproductive success.

For Incorrect Option A

an organism creates numerous little children to enhance the possibility that at least some will survive, but with less investment in each offspring. This is an example of bet-hedging.

For Incorrect Option B

An example of a seed dispersal strategy is in which an organism generates several little seeds to improve its chances of successfully colonizing new habitats.

For Incorrect Option D

It is an illustration of a migration strategy in which an organism uses many habitats as sources of food, without necessarily sacrificing one life history feature for another.

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