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Which of the following is an example of gene flow?

Option: 1

A group of lizards evolving longer legs to better escape predators

Option: 2

A population of birds becoming isolated on an island and developing unique traits


Option: 3

A population of deer being introduced to a new region by humans


Option: 4

A group of insects becoming resistant to a pesticide due to natural selection

Answers (1)


Gene flow refers to the transfer of genes between different populations. This transfer can occur through various means, such as migration, interbreeding, or hybridization. In the given options, only c) involves the transfer of genes from one population to another. When humans introduce deer to a new region, the deer population carries its genetic material with it, leading to the introduction of new genes into the new population. This can potentially alter the genetic makeup of the new population and affect its evolutionary trajectory. Option c is the correct answer. 

Option a) describes an example of evolution through natural selection, where lizards with longer legs are better suited to escape predators and survive, leading to the evolution of longer legs in the population.

Option b) describes an example of genetic drift, where a small population becomes isolated from a larger population, leading to random fluctuations in allele frequencies and the development of unique traits in the isolated population.

Option d) describes an example of natural selection, where insects that are resistant to a pesticide are better suited to survive and reproduce, leading to the evolution of resistance in the population.


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