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Which of the following is an example of how an organism can use conformers and regulators to adapt to extreme environmental conditions?

Option: 1

A plant that undergoes morphological changes in response to high salinity in the soil


Option: 2

A fish that adjusts its gill size and shape to maintain gas exchange in water with low oxygen levels

Option: 3

A bird that changes its feather density and insulation to cope with cold temperatures


Option: 4

A lizard that uses both conformers and regulators to adjust its metabolism and behavior to survive extreme heat and drought conditions in a desert environment

Answers (1)


Correct option (d)

For Correct Option D

The lizard employs both conformers and regulators to adjust to the harsh environment in a desert habitat during periods of intense heat and drought. The lizard is a conformer, which means that it displays plasticity in its physical and biochemical characteristics. For example, it can alter its color to reflect or absorb heat, lower its activity level to save energy and undergo physiological changes to stop water loss. 

The lizard acts as a regulator, using feedback processes to keep internal balance and endure the harsh environment. For example, the lizard modifies its behavior, such as basking in the sun or seeking shade, and uses evaporative cooling through panting or sweating to control its body temperature. 

For Incorrect Option A

An example of a conformer is a plant that modifies its morphology in response to high soil salinity because it is displaying plasticity in its physical characteristics to accommodate the environmental conditions. By growing longer roots to reach deeper soil layers with lesser salt, the plant adapts its morphology to withstand excessive soil salinity.

For Incorrect Option B

A fish that changes the size and form of its gills to maintain gas exchange in water with little oxygen: As the fish uses feedback mechanisms to maintain internal balance in response to the environmental condition, this is an illustration of a regulator. When oxygen levels in the water are low, the fish changes the size and shape of its gills to maintain gas exchange. 

For Incorrect Option C

A bird that alters the insulation and density of its feathers to withstand cold temperatures is a conformer since it is displaying plasticity in its physical characteristics to adjust to the environmental circumstance. To adapt to cold conditions, the bird adjusts its body fat content and feather density by producing thicker feathers.


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