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 Which of the following parameters characterizes a unit cell in a crystal lattice?

Option: 1

The number of atoms in the unit cell

Option: 2

The volume of the unit cell

Option: 3

The dimensions and angles of the unit cell

Option: 4

The mass of the atoms in the unit cell

Answers (1)


 A unit cell in a crystal lattice is characterized by its dimensions along the three edges, a, b, and c, and the angles between the edges \alpha, (between b and c), \beta (between a and c),\gamma and (between a and b).

These six parameters determine the symmetry and shape of the unit cell, and they can be used to calculate the properties of the crystal lattice, such as its density and volume. The number of atoms, mass, and other properties of the unit cell depends on the type of atoms or molecules that make up the crystal lattice.

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