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Which of the following statements is NOT true about amorphous solids?

Option: 1

They lack long-range orders.

Option: 2

They have a disordered atomic arrangement.

Option: 3

They have a sharp melting point.

Option: 4

They show isotropy in their physical properties.

Answers (1)


Amorphous solids are non-crystalline materials that lack long-range order. This means that the atoms or molecules in these materials are arranged randomly, giving them a disordered atomic arrangement. Unlike crystalline solids, which have a well-defined repeating pattern, amorphous solids have no repeating pattern.

One of the main characteristics of amorphous solids is that they do not have a sharp melting point. Instead, they soften gradually as they are heated, and eventually transform into a liquid. This is because amorphous solids have a range of local structures and a distribution of bond strengths that make it difficult to define a precise melting point.

Another important characteristic of amorphous solids is that they are isotropic in their physical properties, meaning that they have the same physical properties in all directions. This is because the lack of long-range order results in random orientation of the atomic or molecular bonds.

Overall, amorphous solids are important materials with a range of applications, from glass to polymers. However, their lack of long-range order and absence of a sharp melting point can make their behaviour more complex and challenging to understand compared to crystalline solids.

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