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Which of these is  an advantage of synthetic detergents:

Option: 1

More soluble in acids

Option: 2

Used in an acidic medium

Option: 3

Increase surface tension

Option: 4

Used in alkaline medium

Answers (1)


b.Synthetic detergents are surface-active agents that are used for cleaning purposes. They have several advantages over traditional soap-based detergents. One of these advantages is that synthetic detergents can be used in both acidic and alkaline environments, whereas soap-based detergents can only be used in alkaline environments. This makes synthetic detergents more versatile and effective for a wider range of cleaning applications.

Incorrect options:

1. More soluble in acids" is incorrect. Synthetic detergents are typically more soluble in alkaline solutions, not acids.

3. Used in acidic medium" is incorrect. While some synthetic detergents can be used in mildly acidic solutions, they are generally less effective in acidic environments.

4. Increase surface tension" is incorrect. Synthetic detergents are designed to decrease surface tension, which allows them to better penetrate and remove dirt and grime.

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Suraj Bhandari

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