You just finished “Laws of motion”.

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S safeer

In this chapter, you have completed:

  • 45 concepts
  • More than 35 doubts, important facts, points to remember etc.
  • More than 90 number of Questions, Solutions, and Examples

In this chapter, firstly you read "Laws of motion” and then moved to “applications of Laws of motion”. Apart from this there are certain tips for you which will be helpful for you to develop a lot of interest in this chapter. There are some examples as well as practise question in each concept. By studying this chapter, you have secured atleast 3 to 4% weightage in JEE main exam and 3% weightage in NEET examination, also you have accomplished the basics of Laws of motion and its application like Circular motion etc. which is frequently asked in your examinations and it is very much useful in whole mechanics and in all the upcoming chapters. Make sure you practice more and more to achieve what you desire. Don’t forget to give chapter wise test after completion of the chapter. Revision is the most important part so, don’t forget to do it.