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1.. From a point Q, the length of the tangent to a circle is 24 cm and the distance of Q from the centre is 25 cm. The radius of the circle is

        (A) 7 cm

       (B) 12 cm

        (C) 15 cm

        (D) 24.5 cm

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The correct option is (A) = 7 cm

Given that,
The length of the tangent (QT) is 24 cm and the length of OQ is 25 cm.
Suppose the length of the radius OT be l cm.
We know that \Delta OTQ is a right angle triangle. So, by using pytha goras theorem-

\\OQ^2 = TQ^2+OT^2\\\\ l = \sqrt{25^2-24^2}\\\\OT = l=\sqrt{49}

OT = 7 cm

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