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Q4. Three coins are tossed simultaneously 200 times with the following frequencies of
different outcomes:

If the three coins are simultaneously tossed again, compute the probability of 2 heads
coming up.


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From the above question, the data of our interest is: 

Total no. of times the coins(i.e. 3 coins simultaneously) are tossed =200

No. of times the result comes out  with 2 heads=72

The empirical (or experimental) probability P(E) of this event is given by :

P(2 heads coming up) = 

\frac{No.\:of\: times\: the\: result\: comes\: out\: with\: 2\: heads}{Total\: no.\: of\: times\: the\: coins\: (i.e.\: 3 \:coins \:simultaneously) \:are \:tossed}


= 9/25 

Ans: 9/25   





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