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Q5.32 A block of mass 25 kg is raised by a 50 kg man in two different ways as shown in Fig. 5.19. What is the action on the floor by the man in the two cases? If the floor yields to a normal force of 700 N, which mode should the man adopt to lift the block without the floor yielding?


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Using Newton's law force applied on the block:-            F\ =\ ma

or                                                                                 F\ =\ 25\times10\ =\ 250\ N                                                

                            Weight of man   =   500 N

Case 1:-  When a man is lifting block directly, man is applying force in the upward direction directly.
                           The net force on floor : -          250 + 500  =  750 N

Case 2:-   When a man is lifting block through pulley : 

                                  The net force on floor   :-            500  -  250  =  250 N

Now it is given that the floor can yield 700 N of the normal force. Thus the man should adopt case 2.

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Devendra Khairwa

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