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Q 9)  A body is initially at rest. It undergoes one-dimensional motion with constant acceleration. The power delivered to it at time t is proportional to
       (i) t^{1/2}\: \: (ii) t \: \: (iii) t^{3/2}\: \: (iv) t^2

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It is given that acceleration is constant thus force will also be constant (by Newton's law of motion   F = ma).


                                            a\ =\ \frac{dv}{dt}\ =\ constant

or                                        dv\ =\ C\ dt

Thus                                    v\ \propto \ t

Now, the work done by the force is given by :

                                                                  P\ =\ F.v

Hence power is directly proportional to the time.


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Devendra Khairwa

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