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Q5.13  A man of mass 70 kg stands on a weighing scale in a lift which is moving 

(b) downwards with a uniform acceleration of 5ms^{-2}.

What would be the readings on the scale in each case?

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(b) Using Newton's law of motion, we have  :

                                               R\ +\ mg\ =\ ma

or                                             R\ -\ 70(10)\ =\ 70(-5)                                  (Since we took downward direction as negative and upward as positive).

or                                              R\ =\ 700\ -\ 350\ =\ 350\ N

Thus the reading on the weighing scale will be :

                                                                                   =\ \frac{R}{g}\ =\ \frac{350}{10}\ =\ 35\ Kg

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Devendra Khairwa

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