Q. 4.11 A passenger arriving in a new town wishes to go from the station to a hotel located 10 \; km, away on a straight road from the station. A dishonest cabman takes him along a circuitous path  23\; km. long and reaches the hotel in 28 \; min. What is

(b) the magnitude of average velocity? Are the two equal?

Answers (1)
D Devendra Khairwa

Total displacement  =  10 Km

Total time taken in hours  :

                                      =\ \frac{28}{60}\ hr

Avg. velocity    :            

                                      =\ \frac{10}{\frac{28}{60}}\ hr      

                                     =\ 21.43\ Km/h

It can be clearly seen that avg. speed and avg. velocity is not the same.