Q10  A rigid bar of mass 15 kg is supported symmetrically by three wires each 2.0 m long. Those at each end are of copper and the middle one is of iron. Determine the ratios of their diameters if each is to have the same tension.

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S Sayak

Each wire must support the same load and are of the same length and therefore should undergo the same extension. This, in turn, means they should undergo the same strain.

\\Y=\frac{Fl}{\Delta lA}\\ Y=\frac{4Fl}{\Delta l\pi d^{2}}\\ Yd^{2}=k                                        As F, l and \Delta l are equal for all wires

Y_{iron}=1.9\times 10^{11}Nm^{-2}

Y_{copper}=1.1\times 10^{11}Nm^{-2}

\\\frac{d_{iron}}{d_{copper}}=\sqrt{\frac{Y_{copper}}{Y_{iron}}}\\ \frac{d_{iron}}{d_{copper}}=\sqrt{\frac{1.1\times 10^{11}}{1.9\times 10^{11}}}\\ \frac{d_{iron}}{d_{copper}}=0.761