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Q5.28 A stream of water flowing horizontally with a speed of 15 m s-1 gushes out of a tube of cross-sectional area 10-2 m2, and hits a vertical wall nearby. What is the force exerted on the wall by the impact of water, assuming it does not rebound?

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Firstly we will calculate the mass of water passing through per second  :

                                                    m\ =\ \rho V

or                                                         =\ \rho Av

or                                                         =\ 10^3\times15\times10^{-2}\ =\ 150\ Kg/s

Force is defined as the rate of change of momentum.

                                                    F\ =\ \frac{\Delta P}{\Delta t}

or                                                        =\ \frac{mv}{ t}

or                                                       =\ 150\times15\ =\ 2250\ N

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