Q9.27  An angular magnification (magnifying power) of 30X is desired using an objective of focal length 1.25cm and an eyepiece of focal length 5cm. How will you set up the compound microscope?

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P Pankaj Sanodiya


magnifying power = 30

objective lens focal length

f_{objeective} = 1.25cm

eyepiece lens focal length

f_{eyepiece} = 5 cm

Normally, image is formed at distance d = 25cm

Now, by the formula;

Angular magnification by eyepiece:


From here, magnification by the objective lens :

m_{objective}=\frac{30}{6}=5     since   ( m_{objective}*m_{eyepiece}=m_{total})



According to the lens formula:



from here,

u = -1.5cm

hence object must be 1.5 cm away from the objective lens.

v= -mu=(-1.5)(5)=7.5

Now for the eyepiece lens:




u = -4.17 cm

Hence the object is 4.17 cm away from the eyepiece lens.

The separation between objective and eyepiece lens 

u_{eyepiece} +v_{objectivve}=4.17 + 5.7 = 11.67 cm