Q 17.      Avneet buys 9 square paving slabs, each with a side of \frac{1}{2}m. He lays them in the form of a square.

                (a) What is the perimeter of his arrangement ?

               (b) Shari does not like his arrangement. She gets him to lay them out like a cross. What is the perimeter of her arrangement?

                (c) Which has greater perimeter?

                (d) Avneet wonders if there is a way of getting an even greater perimeter. Can you find a way of doing this? 


Answers (1)
M manish

Given that,
Length of each slab = 1/2 m
So, the length of the square = 3/2\ m

(a) The first figure is a square
So, the perimeter of the square = 4 \times side
                                                   = 4 \times 3/2 m = 6\ m

(b) The perimeter of the 2nd figure
= Sum of all the sides
(4\times \frac{1}{2} + 8 \times 1)
= 10 m

(c) Figure (ii) has a greater perimeter than fig (i)

(d) Arrange all the slab in horizontally, it forms a rectangle whose dimensions are \frac{9}{2}\ by\ \frac{1}{2}