Q 2.         (b)     Comment upon the following: rigidity, compressibility, fluidity, filling a gas container, shape, kinetic energy and density.

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M manish

Rigidity- The tendency of a substance to maintain their shape when subjected to an external force.

Compressibility- It means the contraction in the volume of a substance under the applied pressure. Liquid and gas are compressible because they have empty space, but solid does not.

Fluidity- Tendency of a particle to flow is known as fluidity. Liquids and gases can flow.

Filling of a gas container- The gases can fill the container with a large amount when we applied external pressure.

Shape- Solids have fixed shape and boundaries. Liquid and gases have no fixed shape and definite boundaries.

Kinetic energy- The energy possessed by particles due to their motion is known as kinetic energy. Gas has maximum kinetic energy as they have more random motion.