Q. 9.     Carry out the following osmosis experiment:

Take four peeled potato halves and scoos each one out to make potato cups. One of these potato cup should be made from a boiled potato. Put each potato cup in a trough containing water. Now,

          (a) Keep cup A empty

          (b) Put one teaspoon sugar in cup B

          (c) Put one teaspoon salt in cup C

          (d) Put one teaspoon sugar in the boiled potato cup D. Keep these for two hours. Then observe the four potato cups and answer the following:             

          (i) Explain why water gathers in the hollowed portion of B and C.

Answers (1)
S Sayak

(i) Due to the presence of a solute (sugar in case of B and salt in case of C) there is a concentration difference of water in the potato cup and the trough due to which osmosis takes place where the cells of the potato act as the semi-permeable membrane.