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Q. 5.     Compare all the proposed models of an atom given in this chapter.

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Comparison of different proposed Model:



Thomson's Model Rutherford's Model Bohr's Model
Positive Charge The Positive charge is distributed in Sphere The positive charge is concentrated at the core of the atom, which is called the nucleus

The positive charge is present in the core of the atom, called nucleus.

Negative Charge  The electrons are embedded in the positively charged sphere of an atom, like the seeds in a watermelon. The nucleus is surrounded by electrons, and the electrons and the nucleus are held together by the electrostatic force of attraction

The electrons move in discrete orbits, and each orbit is associated with a definite amount of energy.

Limitation This model could not explain the results of an alpha particle scattering experiment  This model could not explain the stability of the atom. This model perfectly explains the stability of an atom
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