10.6 Compare the alkali metals and alkaline earth metals with respect to (i) ionisation enthalpy (ii) basicity of oxides and (iii) solubility of hydroxides

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M manish

(i) Ionisation enthalpy-

Alkali metals have low first IE as compare to alkaline earth metals because of having a large atomic size also after losing one electron they attain noble gas configuration. In alkaline earth metals, their first IE is higher then alkali metals because they have high effective nuclear charge and small in size as compare to group 1st element. However, they have low second IE as compare to alkali metals.

(ii) Basicity of oxides-

Alkali metal oxides are more basic than alkaline earth metal oxides. this is because alkali metals are highly electropositive which makes them highly ionic, so they readily dissociate into hydroxide ions in water than alkaline metals.

(iii) The solubility of Hydroxide-

Alkali metal hydroxide is more soluble in water than alkaline earth metals. This is because of the high lattice energy of alkaline earth metals.