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Q. 13.     Composition of the nuclei of two atomic speciesX andY are given as under

                                    X            Y

               Protons  =     6             6

               Neutrons  =   6              8

                Give the mass numbers of X and Y. What is the relation between the two species?

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As we know,

the mass number of an atom = No. of protons + No. of Neutrons


  The mass number of X = No. of protons of X  + No. of Neutrons of X

                                       = 6 + 6

                                       = 12

  The mass number of Y = No. of protons of Y  + No. of Neutrons of Y 

                                       = 6 + 8

                                       = 14

As both X and Y have the same atomic number (6) but different numbers (i.e., 12 and 14 respectively),  they are isotopes.    

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Pankaj Sanodiya

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