12.19.    Describe the method, which can be used to separate two compounds with different solubilities in a solvent S.

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M manish

Fractional distillation can be used to separate the two compounds with different solubilities in a solvent S. The following steps are carried out in this process-

  1. The powdered mixture is taken in a flask, and the solvent is added into it and stirred simultaneously. We have to prepare a saturated solution and then heat it.
  2. After heating, this hot saturated solution can be filtered with filter paper in a china dish.
  3. Now the solution is allowed to cool. The less soluble compounds crystalise first, and more soluble compounds remain in the solution. After removing these crystals, the latter is concentrated once again. The hot solution is allowed to cool, and then the crystals of the more soluble compound are obtained.
  4. The last step is isolation and drying of crystals from the mother liquor.