4. Describe the steps involved in getting clarified water from wastewater.

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S Sayak

The treatment of wastewater includes the following steps:

(i) First, the physical waste like plastic, rags, pebbles, wood etc is removed by passing the water through a bar screen.

(ii) Then water is sent into sand removal tank for removing sand, pebbles, grit etc. through the process of sedimentation.

(iii) Then the rest of the solid waste is allowed to settle at the bottom of a large settling tank. This waste deposited at the bottom is called sludge and is removed through a scraper.

(iv) The harmful microorganisms in this water are killed through chlorination or UV rays.

(v) Through aerator, air is pumped into this water so that aerobic bacteria can grow and decompose any remaining organic wastes.

(vi) This treated water is then released into the water bodies.