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Explain the formation of a chemical bond.

4.1     Explain the formation of a chemical bond.

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The attractive force which holds various constituents (atoms, ions, etc.) together in different chemical species is called a chemical bond. Different theories and concepts have been put forward from time to time to analyze the formation of the bond. These are Kössel-Lewis approach, Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) Theory, Valence Bond (VB) Theory, and Molecular Orbital (MO) Theory.

And every system tends to be more stable and bonding is nature’s way of lowering the energy of the system to attain stability.

Atoms, therefore combine with each other and complete their respective octets or duplets to attain stable configuration of the nearest noble gases. As it was seen that the noble gases are very stable and were inert to react to others.

So, there is a sharing of electrons or transferring one or more electrons from one atom to another, as a result, a chemical bond is formed, known as a covalent bond or ionic bond.