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Q2  Find the domain and range of the following real functions:

 f (x ) = - |x|

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Given function is 
f (x ) = - |x|
Now,  we know that

|x|\left\{\begin{matrix} x &if \ x> 0 \\ -x& if \ x<0 \end{matrix}\right.
\Rightarrow f(x)=-|x|\left\{\begin{matrix} -x &if \ x> 0 \\ x& if \ x<0 \end{matrix}\right.

Now, for a function f(x),
Domain: The values that can be put in the function to obtain real value. For example f(x) = x, now we can put any value in place of x and we will get a real value. Hence, the domain of this function will be Real Numbers.
Range: The values that we obtain of the function after putting the value from domain. For Example: f(x) = x + 1, now if we put x = 0, f(x) = 1. This 1 is a value of Range that we obtained.

Since f(x) is defined for x \ \epsilon \ Rthe domain of f is R.

It can be observed that the range of f(x) = -|x| is all real numbers except positive real numbers. Because will always get a negative number when we put a value from the domain.
Therefore, the range of f is (-\infty , 0]

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Gautam harsolia

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