Q : 13     Find the equation of the right bisector of the line segment joining the points  (3,4) and   (-1,2)

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G Gautam harsolia

Right bisector means perpendicular line which divides the line segment into two equal parts
Now, lines are perpendicular which means their slopes are negative times inverse of each other
Slope of line passing through points   (3,4) and   (-1,2)  is
m'= \frac{4-2}{3+1}= \frac{2}{4}=\frac{1}{2}
Therefore, Slope of bisector line is
m = - \frac{1}{m'}= -2
Now, let (h , k) be the point of intersection of two lines 
It is given that point (h,k) divides the line segment joining point  (3,4) and   (-1,2) into two equal part which means it is the mid point 
h = \frac{3-1}{2} = 1\ \ \ and \ \ \ k = \frac{4+2}{2} = 3
(h,k) = (1,3)
Now, equation  of line passing through point (1,3) and with slope -2 is 
(y-3)=-2(x-1)\\ y-3=-2x+2\\ 2x+y=5
Therefore, equation of line is  2x+y=5