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Find the principal and general solutions of the following equations:
Q (2)  \small \sec x = 2

Answers (1)

We know that value of  \sec\frac{\pi}{3} = 2 and \sec\frac{5\pi}{3} = \sec\left ( 2\pi -\frac{\pi}{3} \right ) = \sec\frac{\pi}{3} = 2

 Therefore the principal solutions are x = \frac{\pi}{3} and \frac{5\pi}{3}
 \sec x = \sec\frac{\pi}{3}
We know that value of sec x repeats after an interval of 2\pi
So, by this we can say that 

the general solution is x = 2n\pi \pm \frac{\pi}{3}  where n \epsilon Z 

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