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Q6.    Give a brief account of:

         (c) Mechanism of hearing

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Mechanism of hearing is given below:

  • Sound waves are collected by the pinna of the external ear.
  • The waves pass through the external auditory meatus to the ear drum.
  • The ear drum begins to vibrate.
  • The vibrations through the air drum are passed on to the malleus, incus and stapes of the middle ear. Here, the frequency of vibrations increases.
  • Through the oval window, vibrations are further passed to the cochlea of the inner ear.
  • The vibrations set in the endolymph of the cochlea induce vibrations in the basilar membrane.
  • Vibrations of the basilar membrane cause sensory hair of the organ of Corti to vibrate.
  • The receptor hair cells press themselves against the tectorial membrane which convert the sound energy into the action potential or nerve impulse.
  • The nerve impulse is transmitted to the auditory cortex of the brain.
  • The impulses are analysed at the auditory cortex and the sound is recognised.
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