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9. Give comparison between the following:

             (a) C_{3} and C_{4} pathways

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C3 Pathway  C4 Pathway

There are plants in which the first stable product after the carbon assimilation is a 3-carbon molecule i.e. 3-phosphoglyceric acid. These plants are called C3 plants while the pathway for carbon assimilation in them is called the C3 pathway. 

In the plants found in the tropical area, the first stable product after carbon assimilation is a 4 carbon molecule or oxaloacetice acid instead of a 3 carbon compound. These plants are called C4 plants and the pathway of carbon fixation is called as the C4 pathway. 

The cells involved are mesophyll cells The cells involved are mesophyll cells and bundle sheath cells

It is seen in all photosynthetic plants.

It is seen in tropical plants
The enzyme involved is RuBP carboxylase.

The enzyme involved: In mesophyll cells is PEP carboxylase.
In bundle sheath cells is RuBP carboxylase.


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