11.32.    Give one method for industrial preparation and one for laboratory preparation of C\! \, O  and C\! \, O_{2}  each.

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M manish

Laboratory method of preparation of C\! \, O  and C\! \, O_{2}-

  • Carbon dioxide can be prepared by treating calcium carbonate with dil. hydrochloric acid.

CaCO_{3}+HCl(aq)\rightarrow CaCl_{2}(aq)+CO_2(g)+H_{2}O(l)

  • Carbon monoxide can be prepared by the dehydration of methanoic acid(formic acid) with conc. sulphuric acid at 373K.


 The commercial method of preparation of  C\! \, O  and C\! \, O_{2}-

  • C\! \, O_{2} can be prepared by heating limestone.

CaCO_{3}\overset{\Delta }{\rightarrow}CaO+CO_{2}

  • C\! \, O can be prepared by passing steam over hot coke.

C(s)+\;steam(H_{2}O) \rightarrow CO(g)+H_{2}(g)
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