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How do poriferan animals differ from coelenterate animals?

Q 1.     How do poriferan animals differ from coelenterate animals?

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The differences between poriferan and coelenterate animals are:

S.No. Poriferan Coelenterate
1. These organisms have holes(pores) over their bodies. With a single opening, these organisms have a body with a cavity called coelenteron.
2. The body design involves very minimal differentiation and division into tissues. They show more body design differentiation.
3.  Made up of a single layer of cells. The body is made up of two layers of cells.
4. They are non-motile and attached to some solid support. Some live in colonies(corals) while some have a solitary like - span (Hydra).
5. They have a characteristic canal system to helps to circulate water through the body to bring in food and oxygen. They have a cavity in their body.