Q.4.    If the different permutations of all the letter of the word EXAMINATION are

           listed as in a dictionary, how many words are there in this list before the first

           word starting with E?

Answers (1)
S seema garhwal

In the word EXAMINATION, we have 11 letters out of which A,I, N  appear twice and all other letters appear once.

The word that will be listed before the first word starting with E will be words starting with A.

Therefore, to get the number of words starting with A, letter A is fixed at extreme left position, the remaining 10 letters can be arranged.

Since there are 2 I's and 2 N's in the remaining 10 letters.

Number of words starting with A =\frac{10!}{2!2!}=907200

Thus, the required number of different words = 907200