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Q3.    Is it possible to design a rectangular mango grove whose length is twice its breadth, and the area is 800 m2? If so, find its length and breadth.

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Let the breadth of mango grove be 'b'.

Then the length of mango grove will be '2b'.

And the area will be:

Area = (2b)(b) = 2b^2

Which will be equal to 800m^2 according to question.

\Rightarrow 2b^2 = 800m^2

\Rightarrow b^2 - 400 = 0

Comparing to get the values of a,b,c.

a=1, \ b= 0 , \ c = -400

Finding the discriminant value:

D = b^2-4ac

\Rightarrow 0^2-4(1)(-400) = 1600

Here, D>0

Therefore, the equation will have real roots.

And hence finding the dimensions:

\Rightarrow b^2 - 400 = 0

\Rightarrow b = \pm 20

As negative value is not possible, hence the value of breadth of mango grove will be 20m.

And the length of mango grove will be: = 2\times10 = 40m





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Divya Prakash Singh

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