2. Mark ‘T’ if the statement is true and ‘F’ if it is false:
(a) We can obtain an enlarged and erect image by a convex mirror. (T/F)
(b) A concave lens always form a virtual image. (T/F)
(c) We can obtain a real, enlarged and inverted image by a concave mirror. (T/F)
(d) A real image cannot be obtained on a screen. (T/F)
(e) A concave mirror always form a real image. (T/F)

Answers (1)

(a)  False. As the size of the image formed is smaller.

(b)  True.

(c) True as the concave mirror gives a real and enlarged image. 

(d)  False. Real images can be obtained on screens whereas virtual images cannot be.

(e) False. As the nature of the image is decided by the distance between the object and mirror.