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14.  Match the following:

                    (a) Operculum                     (i) Ctenophora
                    (b) Parapodia                      (ii) Mollusca
                    (c) Scales                            (iii) Porifera
                    (d) Comb plates                  (iv) Reptilia
                    (e) Radula                           (v) Annelida
                    (f ) Hairs                              (vi) Cyclostomata and Chondrichthyes
                    (g) Choanocytes                 (vii) Mammalia
                    (h) Gill slits                         (viii) Osteichthyes

Answers (1)

(a)-(viii), (b)-(v), (c)-(iv), (d)-(i), (e)-(ii), (f)- (vii), (g)- (iii), (h)- (vi)

                  (a) Operculum                    (viii) Osteichthyes
                    (b) Parapodia                    (v) Annelida
                    (c) Scales                          (iv) Reptilia
                    (d) Comb plates                 (i) Ctenophora
                    (e) Radula                          (ii) Mollusca
                    (f ) Hairs                             (vii) Mammalia
                    (g) Choanocytes                 (iii) Porifera
                    (h) Gill slits                         (vi) Cyclostomata and Chondrichthyes

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