7.     Match the items of column I with those of column II :

              Column I                              Column II

              (a) Ammonotelism                 (i) Birds
              (b) Bowman’s capsule           (ii) Water reabsorption
              (c) Micturition                         (iii) Bony fish
              (d) Uricotelism                       (iv) Urinary bladder
              (e) ADH                                  (v) Renal tubule

Answers (1)
S Sonika


The correct matching is a-iii, b-v, c-iv, d-i, e-ii        

                 Column I                              Column II

              (a) Ammonotelism                   (iii) Bony fish
              (b) Bowman’s capsule             (v) Renal tubule
              (c) Micturition                          (iv) Urinary bladder
              (d) Uricotelism                         (i) Birds
              (e) ADH                                   (ii) Water reabsorption